The November 2019 PAEB Examinations: A finalist’s story

Students sitting for Paper 18 at the Kampala Examination Centre

Our team had a one on one chat with Sharon Cristah Bayiga after sitting paper 18, on Wednesday 27th November, and this is how the conversation went.

The chart:

How has the CPA Journey to this Day of seating Paper 18 (Integration of knowledge) been for you? Would you like to share a little about this personal journey?

Cristah: It’s been a five-year emotional journey for me, filled with both career and personal growth. I started the CPA course fresh out of high school thinking I could concurrently take it along with my Accounting degree.  This means I sat a good number of papers of the course and here I am today, having a chat with you after sitting what I pray will be my last CPA exam.

That’s quite an interesting journey. What was the most challenging paper/level in your CPA journey?

Cristah: Level three’s Advanced Financial Management Paper 16 without a doubt! To which I think was mostly because of the CPA syllabus transition that got me exempted from Financial Management at level two yet it is a gate pass to paper 16.

During my CPA course, I had asked the person providing my financial support to help me register for University Education, intending to pursue both the CPA qualification and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University. Even with my Bachelor’s qualification in reach, Paper 16 still challenged me. Thank God my tutor Mr Makatu Steven helped me understand the concepts and was finally able to succeed in the paper.

How did you find Public Sector Accounting and the entire IPSAS standard?

Cristah: Interestingly that wasn’t much of a challenge for me. I credit my easy passing of the paper, everyone deemed to be the hardest, to my tutors once again. I like to believe my tutor CPA Henry Kizza had a niche and the knowledge he shared that made it easier for me to grasp the concept and pass paper 14 on the first attempt.

And I cannot forget to mention that the ICPAU Public Sector Book was an easy read that helped preparations as well.

So what’s next for you after the CPA journey?

Cristah: The sky is the limit, to be honest. I currently work with a great team that motivates and inspires me to do so much more. So I believe I will accomplish a lot with my CPA qualification.

Sharon Christa Bayiga

Sharon Cristah Bayiga is a CPA Student, a finalist in the November 2019 Exams, currently working as a Cost Accountant at Nakasero Hospital Limited. She sat for her final paper, Integration of Knowledge last week during the November 2019 exam diet.


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