ICAS, ICPAU Conduct Joint Training for Tuition Providers and Examiners of Integration of Knowledge (Paper 18)

The ICPAU team led by John Bosco Ntangaare, the Director - Education (3rd Right) and the ICAS team led by Richard Hodgson, Senior Lecturer at ICAS (extreme Left)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) held a joint training for tuition providers and examiners of Integration of Knowledge (Paper 18) from 27-31 January 2020.  Integration of Knowledge is the final paper of the Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (CPA-U) course.

Tuition providers were trained between 27-29 January while examiners were trained between 30-31 January. The focus was sharing knowledge pertaining to the creation and marking of examinations, as well as best practices for creating good scenarios for case studies.

The joint training is in line with the recent publication of the study text for the Integration of Knowledge paper. Previously, there were only study texts for Papers 1-17 of the CPA-U course. The inaugural Integration of Knowledge text was published in January 2020.

Mr. John Bosco Ntangaare, the Director – Education at ICPAU hailed the development, as a remarkable achievement in the CPA-U examinations programme. “We now have a harmonised way of providing tuition to the students,” he said.

The text focusses on the soft skills required for approaching particular scenarios. These include: reading skills, business writing skills, case study skills, business awareness, how to approach ethical scenarios, and a guide to answering case studies.

“The new Integration of Knowledge material is a very good resource that will ensure standardised examinations and standardised teaching, and the quality of accountants we produce will be much better,” Mr. Ntangaare remarked.

The text was developed by ICAS with support from the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)/Department for International Development (DFID) capacity building project, and continuous input and review by ICPAU.

The joint training led to skills transfer. “We have acquired new skills which we are confident will improve the teaching of the Integration of Knowledge paper,” Mr. Ntangaare said.

“We shall build on this effort to create a bigger pool of examiners who can write good case studies,” he added.

Mr. Richard Hodgson, a Senior Lecturer – International Projects Management at ICAS said, “We have not only shared knowledge, but we have learned from ICPAU and we will feed back into the ICAS training programme.”

ICAS and ICPAU have partnered in the development of the CPA-U examinations scheme for 24 years. The partnership began in 1996 with a twinning arrangement for the creation of the syllabus for the CPA-U course.  

“ICAS was established in 1854. We wanted to give back to developing institutes, the knowledge that we had gained over that period of time so that the chartered accountancy profession can thrive all around the world,” Mr. Hodgson said.

The 2 institutions are now considering ideas for collaboration in technological areas such as on online examinations, and the use of computers by students, in the creation of solutions for Paper 18.

The training was held at the Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. 37 trainers and 14 examiners participated in the training.



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